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Parafu – When you’re paralyzed from the waist up you can still protect yourself.

Karate type moves unrecognizable to any Karate expert

Coming soon:  Parafu competitors battle it out with swinging fists of utter crazyness.

Learn the Moves

Parafu Jew
The Irish Clam
Ninja Twister

Goat Boot Takedown

The Obama Bong

Joe Biden Finger Takedown

The Double Fu
Hellen Keller Propeller
Slap Chop
The Carnival Clown
and the finger nail take down.

& Many more!

“Uncontrolled fist whips of fury!  One hit could be a bitch slap or a fist bomb.”


Parafu = Anything & Everything…Section

Funny Fu

20 Gigs Gillis…

They call me 20 gigs Gillis.  That’s what the press and the prosecutor goes with.  I had to come up with a flashy name to underscore the title of largest porn stash known to man on a hard drive.

20 gigs ain’t nothing.  I know what you’re thinking, “mine is bigger” but they are all in HD.  So, there are really only a few…hundred… thousand…Yah MMM.   Anyway…I’m beyond the 26K file size BS versions.  I deserve the better. That is so 90’s.  When they took me away someone in the press shouted out, Who are you?  —I had to come up with something flashy that would separate me from all the other unemployed losers at home during the day surfing the web and snapping the carrot — I’m 20 Gigs Gillis AKA the 20 Gig Carrot Snapper.

 Recently I’ve been over taken by other’s who call themselves 50 Gig Donny and 69 Gig Kevin.  It’s nothing to write home about but I am the original 20 Gig Gillis.

Donny Horney
It’s my alter ego…It’s Mr Horney long time to you.

Racism = Funny

All in the family was and still remains an awesome sitcom.  It was never about a white racist.  It was about a white closeted uninformed white man.  The joke is about him and his view of life based on his narrow point of view, lack of historical present and past facts and really bad pronounciation and spelling.  He is the joke.  – And that is what makes jokes about racism funny.


Full Bottle of Lovi’n Please

New sex pills for the female.  One pill will render you unconscious, and ready you for a night of “loving.”  You never have to see your over weight, gross husband look down at you anymore as you please him.  You wake up refreshed and non the wiser. He goes to sleep with a smile on his face and you… stay married.

  You owe it to each other!  So, give it a try!
For a full bottle off Lovi’n Please please send $19.99 to PO BOX 11Lovin Dayton Ohio.

Roast Your Friends…One By One.

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