Hot Chemical Sauce – Picamas Hot Sauce

If you could find an excellent example of how to destroy innocent hot peppers then this would be the example.  Picamas Hot Sauce hailing from Guatemala in Central America is a hot sauce that infuses its peppers with a heavy layer of preservatives and coloring.  I don’t mean to pick on the South of the border community, but adding preservatives to their hot sauces seems to be the way to go. In contrast, the \Tabasco Brand hot sauce contains low salt 35MG and no preservatives, while this sauce contains 100 MG of salt on top of 2 chemical preservatives.

Daring to taste it I Hot Saucewas not surprised to find that it had like a chemical taste of an unidentifiable chemical flavor.  The heat is mild, so the taste is right there in your face. The pepper taste that you would expect to be there is masked by a chemical bath.

Ingredients Hot PeppersWaterVinegarWheat FlourSalt, Spices, Colorings: FD&C Yellow 5FD&C Blue 1Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate to Preserve its Quality.

So if you’re like me and love to purchase local fair, or not from the usual mega food companies like Kraft you’ll soon be begging for a Kraft sauce after trying this sauce.

People this is how Guatemala based Picamas Hot Sauce laughs at you, by slowly poising you and turning the inside of your arteries into inflamed sewage pipes.  A part of food product successes is how it makes you feel emotionally, as well as exhibiting a flavor that you can feel good about loving. There is plenty of  hot sauces that you can buy on the market that tastes great and won’t fill you with yellow # 5 dye.  This isn’t one of them.  On the plus side if you want a sauce that will last 20 years without refrigeration, then this is is your sauce.

This is how they laugh at you Yellow 5FD&C Blue 1Sodium Benzoate.


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