The Offence Train – Lawyer’s Delight

Climb aboard everyone!  Let go on a journey to insult land where lawyers twist the perceptions of constitutional amendments and participants are lured into and convinced of victim status while destroying an entrepreneur’s dream.  Welcome to America!

Route 66
Route 66

It starts with the Obama justice department suing nuns for not wanting to pay for birth control pills as the government takes over healthcare but expects you to pay for it in so many ways.  One with your money, and the other the stripping you of your dignity and faith that you practiced long before Obama decided he’d tell you how to practice your faith. Government always knows better as you know.

While past real victims of physical violence and emotional torture usually end up with nothing except a divorce and a broken home. Gays buying wedding cakes are so sensitive that they actually think their feels being hurt are worth a half million dollars.  Unfortunately, some courts and municipalities think so too.  The freedom of religion was the very basis this country was founded on, but lately, those who don’t practice your religion are sayers in how you should practice it.  It doesn’t take a lawyer to figure out that being a Christian and being forced into participating, in a gay wedding ceremony may go against what you believe it ok. The correct response to the bakers from the buyers should have been, “Ok no problem we will go elsewhere,  we don’t want you to go against your religious beliefs, thanks anyway.”

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Hungry ambulance chasing lawyers are now and have been for a while going after those who have felt they have been slighted or offended.  It seems chasing ambulances is much too exhausting.

Suddenly a baker who is a Christian not wanting to participate in a gay wedding is now a target for those who want a few hundred thousand dollars.  No one is stopping you from getting your cake baked, you just can’t get it at the Catholic bakery.  There are plenty of bakers willing to bake your cake, but you really don’t want that cake do you when the potential money windfall that you could get with zero down is worth putting your wedding off another year.  We don’t hate gays, most all of us have been passed that since the late 1980’s.  What we hate are those who use their sexual identity as a weapon of war.


That’s how “they” laugh at you cake bakers!

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